Cursive Collection: School Marketing Stories from Around the Internet

“I can’t remember where I learned about you … but I read your content somewhere …”

The wonderful thing about creating content online is that, if you put your head and heart into it, it can spread like wildfire. My writing, and this blog, has allowed me to connect with so many smart schools and colleagues over the years — and this year, in particular, I’ve had the opportunity to share my thoughts on storytelling on a variety of different platforms.

ICYMI (that’s how the kids write “in case you missed it” these days), here are some of the articles and stories I’ve shared in places other than here on Cursive Content Marketing. Perhaps one of these posts is why you’re here right now …

School Marketing Blog Posts

“The School Marketer’s Storytelling Advantage” — for inspirED school marketers
When it comes to storytelling possibility, school marketers have it made. Why? This article provides three storytelling advantages school marketers have over most online communicators. Learn them, and use them!

“The Major Mistake with Your School’s Online Story (& How To Fix It!)” — for Blackbaud K-12
There are many factors that need to converge in order for a school website to tell a strong and compelling story. But there’s one major issue that tends to disrupt most school’s online stories — one mindset problem that keeps school websites from sharing their best content …

“How Do You Know If Your School Is Writing Quality Content?” — for edSocialMedia
When it comes to writing online content, quality is more important than quantity. But how do you really know if the content your school is putting out there is quality content? Here’s how you can determine if a specific piece of content is high quality.

“7 Ways to Increase Inquiries on Your School Website” — for Blackbaud K-12
How can you capture the website visitors who are just beginning to explore their options online? How can you stand out, be remembered … and convince visitors to come back for more? You sell the inquiry.

General Marketing Blog Posts

“What Should I Blog About as a Freelance Writer? With Emily Cretella” — for Brooks Editorial
Ever wonder what’s behind my own blog strategy? In this article, written for the freelance writer audience, I share my thoughts on how to “niche down” and focus your content for a very narrow audience.

“How Agencies Can Use Data to Make Better Decisions About Creative” — for Velocitize
Analytics can have an immediate impact on the quality and effectiveness of your marketing creative. In this article, I share my thoughts on how to turn data into marketing inspiration.


“What Can You Learn from Your Website in 8 Seconds or Less?” — for Blackbaud K-12
I had a great time chatting with Blackbaud’s Peter Baron about how to turn your school website into a marketing and admissions machine. Listen to hear us talk about how the role of the private school website has evolved over the years; why it’s critical for a school to find its voice when showing its value online; approaches schools should consider to capture the attention of their site visitors, and more.

School Marketing Podcast’s “Is Your Tuition Page Worth Reading?” — for School Marketing Podcast
Host Randy Vaughn gets in-depth with me as we discuss website tuition pages and what makes them worth the read. We discuss whether or not you should include your tuition cost on your website; how to make the case that your school is worth the investment; and 4 tips on how to write a tuition page that’s both compelling and straightforward.


This year I also had the opportunity to present at a few fantastic events, including:

  • SchneiderB’s VirCon3 
  • CAIS Annual Trustee Day Conference 
  • CAIS Annual Conference for Heads of School

(Interested in having me present or lead a workshop at your 2017 event? Email me and let’s chat.)

So that where you may have read my stories in 2016 — and I can’t wait to share more with you in 2017. I’d love to know: what topics are YOU most interested in reading about? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or email me to share.


Tell us what you think, or ask us any questions. We’re here to help!

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