Refresh Your School’s “About” Page with These 5 Tips

Refresh Your School’s About Page with These 5 Tips

A school website About page often becomes a place to mention the necessities that don’t fit elsewhere—your school’s history, leadership and mission statement, for example.

While those things aren’t bad, and might belong on your website, they don’t adequately represent what your school is really “about”.

The About page is an opportunity to tell your school’s story and provide a glimpse into all the amazing things you’re doing, and to entice your audience to want to learn more about your school– and ultimately, to be part of your school community. 

Yes, your About page can do all of that. Now let’s talk about how to create this transformation.

Put it front and center

You never know how people will find out about your school or how they ended up on your website, so giving them easy access to a page that explains who you are is crucial.

Since this page is common on websites of all types, it’s something that your website visitors might be looking for if this is their first connection with your school. You want them to be able to find out what you’re all about, right away.

For more information on website structure, read How to Organize School Website Content: 6 Basics You Need to Know.

Make it a reflection of who you are

Consider your About page an opportunity to stand out.

Make sure your school’s voice and tone rings through every sentence. Avoid standard lingo, boring descriptions and stuffy old marketing language.

Strive to write copy that could only come from your school.

For detailed tips on how to write authentic school marketing copy,  read Your School’s Voice & Tone: What They Are and Why They Matter and How Schools Can Create Content that Matters to Students & Families.

Create a hub

You can use your About page to show off many of the amazing programs, facilities and faculty your school has to offer. Be brief, but clear and engaging. Link to other sections of your website that contain more complete details on the topic. And always keep your audience in mind: what do they care about, what do they want to know, what do they find compelling?

Think of the content as an introduction to your school—one that gets visitors really excited about the possibility of being a part of what you offer, and spurs them to explore the depths of your website.

Double check your content with the tips offered in School Storytelling & the “So What?” Test.

Don’t be humble

Your school is great and you want students and families to feel that. Use the opportunity to share what makes you so amazing. Received a prestigious award? Mention it. Have the top program in the nation? Don’t leave that out. Allow your pride and enthusiasm to come through in your copy.

Let your school shine.

Get more comfortable talking about your school. Read 3 Tips for Writing About Your School’s Academics.

Focus not just on who you are, but why the audience should care

Yes, your school’s About page is…well, about your school. However, shifting your mindset to focus on what your audience will find helpful, intriguing and important is key to making this page all it can be.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the unique benefit students gain from an education here?
  • What does our school offer that appeals most to students?
  • What makes our school different?
  • How can we convey this information in a way that will catch the reader’s attention?

Use your answers to create copy that both explains who your school is and helps your ideal student think “That’s the school for me.”

Learn more about how to communicate with your school’s audience. Read What is Audience-First School Storytelling?

If your About page needs some love, we’re here to help. Learn more about working with Cursive Content Marketing.

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