3 Tips for Writing About Your School’s Academics

There is no section on your website that is more core to what you do than your Academics section.

While families choose schools based on a wide range of factors, what students will learn is a HUGE focus.

How you convey information about your school’s academic programs on your website can make a huge difference to your inquiries, applications and enrollment. Even when you are dealing with straight-forward details (they’ll learn the basic principles of chemistry) or outcomes (a B.A. in English!) you can make basic information more exciting, invigorating and welcoming.


Tell them what they will learn

Don’t assume that your audience knows what’s involved in earning a specific degree, or studying a specific topic. If they haven’t received the education yet, they might not have a comprehensive understanding of what it’s about— and your website’s job is to educate them.

When you write, don’t get bogged down by too many details. Instead, paint a picture of the overall knowledge they’ll gain or what they’ll know how to do after completing the course or graduating from the program.

As always, write using active voice so there’s a little extra pep to your content.

Explain how it’s different

Put the benefits of your school and programs front and center. If you feel like you might be bragging, you’re probably on the right track.

Include examples that showcase the reasons why your school is different. Be proud. Stand out.

Show them the benefit

Once you’ve explained what students will learn and how that’s different from what they would experience elsewhere, you need to tell them why they should care about all of that.

Will your program prepare them to enter a specific career? Will that class qualify them for advanced study in an area they love? Will they graduate with an advantage over other students?

Apply what students will learn to the real-world advantage they will gain.

When you show students what they’ll learn, how your school is unique and how they can benefit, their picture of the future begins to take shape—and that future starts with your school.


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