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The Art of Content Curation: Everything School Marketers Need to Know

“Content curation” is such a fantastic term, isn’t it? It immediately makes me think of some fabulous art gallery with a collection of works by amazing artists.
Which is actually quite apropos.
Content curation, as defined by Beth Kanter:

“Content curation is the process of sorting through vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.”

So, in a way, content curation does create a beautiful gallery—one that becomes a mighty tool in your content marketing.
It is not a hands-off, fool-proof process, but it is an approach that can add a lot of value to your content.
Here is everything you need to know about why you should curate content and how to do it efficiently, along with when and where to use curated content.
The Art of Content Curation- Everything School Marketers Need to Know

Why you need content curation

Content curation allows you to maintain your school’s blog, email, social media and any other content you produce by pulling from a third-party source.
Content curation can:

  • Save time—You aren’t creating as much of the content from scratch
  • Make you more helpful & trustworthy—You are providing a variety of facts and opinions, not just your own
  • Position you as a resource—Once people see that you are on top of the latest news, trends and topics, they’re more likely to refer to you for information on a topic

Who should curate content?

If you’re a busy school marketer who produces content, content curation will be helpful to you.
Once you have a process in place for curating content (which we’ll talk about next, and I promise—it’s simple) it will be easier for you to keep up with publishing content on a regular basis.
And since consistency is one of the keys to content marketing success, content curation can quickly become one of your most helpful tactics. It simplifies and improves the content creation process, but there is still work involved in the process of curating the content and adding your own thoughts. There is no true shortcut that will bring you an engaged audience who loves your content and your school.
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How to curate content

The best way to get started with content curation is to think about your content’s focus, then turn to the resources you already use.
This ensure that you are only curating from resources that are relevant to the topics your audience expects from you, and that those resources are going to produce great content from which you can choose what best fits your audience.
From there, you can explore new sources of content to round out the resources you reference.
Once you have a list, add them to a tool like Feedly.
Feedly aggregates content—in other words, it allows you to compile the sites you like to read, all in one place. With Feedly you can:

  • Easily add, remove, and organize the various websites and blogs you want to follow
  • Create content categories that help segment your resources
  • Declutter your inbox by adding the RSS feed of a site to the tool rather than signing up for blog post updates
  • View a complete or partial article
  • Save articles to read later
  • Read anywhere– it’s web-based, and there’s an app

Setup doesn’t take long, and soon Feedly will become your go-to resource for all of the great content that can help fuel your content marketing.
Reminder: When you use curated content, remember to site your source. Attribute your quotes and include a link. If you find an image you would like to use, ask permission first.
The Art of Content Curation: Everything School Marketers Need to Know

When & where to use curated content

Original content should make up the majority of the content your produce. Curated content can be a great resource for statistics, facts and quotes that together can create a comprehensive view of a subject. You can use it to support your point, or to provide a different perspective.
You can create an entire blog post out of curated content, like we did here with 20 Best Tips for Setting, Tracking and Measuring Content Marketing Goals.
You can use the content as a basis for a blog post that’s largely your own. To see this in action, check out Market to Millennials: Optimistic, Entrepreneurial, Purpose-Driven Parents.
You can use curated content to create a short but information-packed post, like we did with What Daily Practices Can You Adopt from the World’s Best Bloggers?
Now that you understand how content curation can help further your school’s content marketing plan, grab a notebook and a pen. Jot down one topic your content focuses on, followed by five trusted resources you can use to curate content on that topic. Repeat with as many topics as you need, and you’ll have a list of sources you can easily plug into Feedly or another content aggregation tool when you’re ready to get going.
It really is that easy to create a system for curation that will help sustain and grow your content marketing approach.
Have questions about content curation? Let us know what’s on your mind in the comments below.


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