6 Questions to Help You Refresh Your School’s Content Marketing Approach

You’re a savvy school marketer. You’re in love with the idea of school storytelling. You’re bursting with ideas, and have been moving ahead with many of them.

In fact, you’re so enthused that you’ve been running on that momentum for a while, and now you’re starting to wonder—are my ideas working? Do I need a fresh approach?

If you want to know if your content marketing approach is on the right track, find out by asking yourself these six questions.

Do we have a documented content marketing strategy?

 Need strategy, stat? Start here.


Are our content marketing efforts consistent?

Need help? We have tips for creating consistency in your school marketing here.


Have we developed a plan for content production, including a detailed editorial calendar?

No editorial calendar? No problem. Read this, and download our editorial calendar template here.


Are we measuring the results of our content marketing efforts?

If you’ve realized you’re not measuring the results of your efforts, read this and use the tips to create a plan for ongoing analysis of your efforts. And if the metrics reveal less-than-ideal results…read this.


Have we developed a good mix of content?

If your content has no variety, explore content repurposing, explore what it would be like to create or resurrect a school blog, create a library of ideas for social media posts, explore options for gated content, or consider how you can create a standout school video.

Does creativity play a role in our content marketing approach?

If you’ve realized that you haven’t been thinking creatively to discover the best ways to reach current and prospective students and families, start by reminding yourself with what it means to tell school stories and what it means to create great content. Consider how you can cut through the content clutter that exists all around us. Use all of this new and refreshed knowledge to plan a brainstorming session that will amp up your creativity and leave you feeling excited about what’s next.

Chances are, you don’t have to start over, or throw out any of your hard work. Take the time to evaluate what you’ve done, and give your efforts the refresh they need.

At Cursive Content Marketing, we’re passionate about content. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat about how we can help you develop a fresh new school storytelling strategy.


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