It's Time for BOLD School Marketing. Here's Why.

It’s time to get BOLD with your content.
Those words just scared the heck out of you, didn’t they?
But wait!, you’re thinking. We can’t be bold.
Or that inner voice is saying: Bold is ok. You know, as long as it’s not TOO bold.
It’s much safer to keep “bold” out of your vocabulary, right? Safer, but unfortunately also boring and forgettable.
It's Time for Bold School Marketing. Here's Why.
It’s easy to be scared of boldness, because the word immediately conjures images that don’t fit with many schools.
But bold doesn’t have to mean wild. It doesn’t have to mean loud, zany and colorful. It can be Lady Gaga, yes…but it can also be Lady Bird Johnson.
To be bold means that you’re going for it.
When you’re bold, you’re clear about who you are, what you offer and what you stand for. You explain yourself clearly, incite relevant action in others and inspire a feeling of connection with your ideal audience.
It's Time for Bold School Marketing. Here's Why.
When you’re bold, you stop trying to appeal to everyone and you start expressing yourself in ways that reflect who you really are and specifically appeal to like-minded people who want or need what you have to offer.
When you’re bold, you develop a brand voice that stands out. It doesn’t rise above the noise because it’s shocking, but because it’s unmistakably you. Not because it’s louder than the other schools, but because it speaks in a language that your ideal audience understands.
Bold doesn’t sound so scary anymore, does it?
Read on for more inspiration on how to get started with your bold new outlook:


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