The Simple, 5-Step Way to Write a Website Page [Free Template]

Whether you’re writing a critical landing page or content pages deep in the weeds of your site, it helps to keep it simple. And the best way to keep it simple is by following a simple template.

This is the easy and effective formula I use for most of my websites. And while no template or formula will work in all cases, this structure is a great place to start. It will help you narrow down the focus of your page to the main ideas, keep details straightforward and bulleted, and incorporate calls-to-action and internal links.

Plus, there’s a free template included at the end — just for you!


Step 1: Create a compelling headline/title.

Start your website page with a statement that makes a promise, or clearly states the key takeaway of the page. Why should the reader stay on this page? What’s in it for them? Make it clear in the page title, as we did in the sample below from the new Sarah Lawrence College website.
Other considerations:

  • Use your main key word in the title when possible.
  • Use verbs to prompt action and create excitement.


The Simple 5-Step Way to Write a Website Page

Sample copy from

Step 2: Summarize your key points in an intro paragraph.

Once you have your headline down, write a brief paragraph that highlights your key points. Imagine that these are the only one or two sentences your audience reads. Make it short and concise. And if possible, finish the paragraph with a call-to-action link that encourages readers to read more or contact you or complete a different action.

Step 3: Use a subhead and bullets to break down details/benefits.

  • Include bulleted copy that is easy to scan
  • Break down ideas or benefits into short phrases
  • You don’t have to include all details on a topic
  • Think like your reader – what do they NEED to know?
  • What will entice your reader to take action?


The Simple 5-Step Way to Write a Website Page

Note how accordions are used to simplify dense content. {

Step 4: Close with a summary that includes a call to action.

Make it clear what the reader should do at this point. Have them learn more about an associated topic elsewhere on your website, or in a blog article. Or, include a contact form to make outreach simple.

Step 5: Don’t forget the meta data.

Once your page is written, you’ll need to focus on the meta data — basically, “data that describes other data.” This is the information that helps search users find and understand what your content is about.
The most important areas to consider are your meta description and your page title. They should incorporate key words, and they should be written in a way that entices readers to click through to read more. You can learn all about this in SEO Basics for Pages and Posts.

Additional tips to consider:

  • Try to include key words naturally and in context. For longer pages, mix paragraph content with bulleted lists to break up dense content. But remember – not all pages need bulleted lists. Make the page flow with the content.
  • Be direct. Are you using phrases or jargon that only mean something to your organization? Keep wording simple and straightforward.
  • Include links to outside resources or other pages of your web site within your body copy. This makes it easier for users to find out more information and also improves search engine optimization. But do not use the words “click here” in a sentence – instead, make the text the hyperlink.
  • Write for the reader, not for you. Think about what the reader would be interested in learning. It’s not necessarily everything you have to say on a subject.


We’ve created a simple, FREE template outlining the steps above. Download it, print it, and use it to write your next website page. Happy writing, friends!

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