51 Blog Post Ideas for School Marketers to Steal

51 Blog Post Ideas for School Marketers to Steal

Have you ever experienced idea block?

It’s kind of like writer’s block, except your don’t even get to the writing part. You’re still stuck on the idea.

You know that posting engaging content on your blog is important, and also that you need to post it regularly. So the idea block? It’s totally getting in the way of your success.

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That’s a crummy, frustrating feeling that can dig away at both your confidence and motivation— but there’s a fix. Keep a list of ideas that you can turn to when your school’s blog needs writing but your brain goes blank.

To get you started, here is a list of 51 blog post ideas you can use to inspire your own topics or, yes, give your brain a break and swipe them, just as they are.

    1. Create “The Ultimate Guide to [Your School]”
    2. Answer frequently asked questions
    3. Go behind-the-scenes of a program
    4. Post an upcoming events roundup
    5. Profile a successful alum
    6. Create a “best of the blog” roundup
    7. Share the story of your founders
    8. Give a glimpse inside a new building
    9. Review an event
    10. Community spotlight– share stories of local organizations where students can get involved
    11. Write about local spots to visit during the school year
    12. Compile a list of books to read over summer vacation
    13. Take readers on a virtual tour of campus
    14. Write a “What to expect” post
    15. Address common misperceptions about your school
    16. Share your values/principles/mission by writing a “Why we care about _____” post
    17. List the best study tips for students
    18. Post about things to do this weekend
    19. Share tips for creating a successful school routine
    20. Review a local restaurant
    21. Write a post that answers why students should choose your school
    22. Provide tips for getting along with a new roommate
    23. Make a list of exciting things to do on a rainy day
    24. Share test-taking tips
    25. Give advice on how students can stay organized
    26. Craft  mid-term or final exams survival guide
    27. Share end-of-the-school-year tips
    28. Share admissions tips
    29. Write a post on how to choose the right school
    30. Interview the school president/principal
    31. Profile a student
    32. Capture a day in the life of your school mascot
    33. Share interesting school traditions and their origin story
    34. Write a “Spotlight on _____” a club/program/sport/activity
    35. Share surprising facts about your school
    36. Repurpose a school newsletter or newspaper article
    37. Let a student guest post
    38. Promote an event
    39. Write a teacher profile
    40. Provide an update to an old blog post
    41. Post a tutorial
    42. Share stats about your school
    43. Write a post that supports and promotes other content (ebooks, video series, etc.)
    44. Create an infographic and write about it
    45. Host a giveaway
    46. Ask readers what they want to see on the blog (then use this as a list of even more ideas)
    47. Roundup inspirational quotes for students (create graphics for each to make them extra shareable!)
    48. Start a “_____ of the Month” series. (Get creative with filling in the blank: book, professor, local business, student, major, club, etc)
    49. Write up a Q&A session with a department head
    50. Use terminology specific to your school or a certain program to write a “What is…” post
    51. Write a “Beginner’s Guide to _____” to help ease the mind of potential or incoming students

What are your no-fail, go-to ideas? Share them with your fellow school marketers in the comments below.

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