Struggling with Copy? Get Inspired by This Brand’s Approach.

Writing is hard, and it becomes even harder in the business world, where what constitutes great copy is often driven by internal politics, too many opinions and a desire to play it safe.
Which is why I love stumbling across examples of brands who use smart, strong copy to connect with their audience and drive business (which is the point, after all).
My latest copy obsession? ModCloth, the millennial-focused online fashion brand.
Their copy sheds light on a few lessons that all brands can benefit from, regardless of industry or niche.
Struggling with Copy Development? Get Inspired by This Fashion Brand’s Approach.

ModCloth writes perfectly clear “Who We Are” copy that is easy to identify with.

Statements like “Remarkable fashion & décor, inspired by our community & delivered with uncommon care.” are so simple they’re brilliant.
All at once, they are touting their products, their relationship with their audience and their commitment to customer service, in a simple, unfussy way. So much win.
Their full “About Us” statement is equally clear about who ModCloth is and who it’s for:

“ModCloth is the go-to source for all fashion fans, fun lovers, and free spirits of the world. We’re committed to offering unique styles from hundreds of independent designers in a full range of sizes. Inspired by feedback from our dedicated customers and highly engaged community, we also design and sell our own exclusive line of apparel.”

Get started: Crafting these type of clear, direct messages about who you are and who you serve requires a moment of honest reflection before pen ever hits paper. When you are truthful about who you are, it’s infinitely easier to connect with your audience.
Forget the jargon and buzzwords. Ditch the starry-eyed dreaming about who you want to be in ten years. Write for now.

Struggling with Copy Development? Get Inspired by This Fashion Brand’s Approach.

They have developed a smart, consistent tone that is used EVERYWHERE.

ModCloth never misses an opportunity to make what they’re selling seem special. Product names like the “All Hands on Decadent Dress” and “Rest Friends Forever Lounge Top” are smart, sassy and help extend the brand voice throughout every inch of copy.
Their product descriptions are equally great and incredibly helpful. The description for a sweatshirt includes the note that it is rated “light” on their Coat Warmth Scale—a small but significant detail that would be otherwise hard to determine when shopping online.
Their blog doesn’t disappoint, either. From helpful fashion tips (7 Savvy Tips for Pairing Necklaces and Necklines) to silly videos featuring real employees (ModCloth Employees’ #fashiontruth Confessions) to serious takes on the fashion industry (their Size of the Times series), their content is on point and always written in the brand’s I-could-be-your-slightly-cooler-but-still-lovably-dorky-best-friend tone.
Get started: Start looking at everything you write as a piece in the bigger story of your brand (because it is). Use each opportunity wisely and you will paint the perfect picture for your audience.

ModCloth has created a brand that is easy for its audience to connect with. It starts with curating and creating products that fit their audience, but it’s the tone, approach and copy that has helped take them to the next level of building a loyal customer base.
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