Consumers Are Demanding Content. Are You Listening?

content marketing statistics, content marketing and consumers
When was the last time you created an advertising campaign that consumers actually sought out?
Still thinking? Well then maybe it’s time to try something different.
These statistics demonstrate the impact content marketing can have on consumers’ purchasing decisions, brand loyalty, online search habits and more.
They show that consumers are actively looking for and consuming branded content on a regular basis – very much unlike their broadcast-advertising habits of skipping, fast-forwarding or changing the channel.
Content marketing is a consumer outreach opportunity that should not be ignored. Listen to the facts, and get your strategy set today. These resources can help:

The Case for Content series is designed to give you the ammunition you need to make the case for content marketing to your boss, your team … heck, even your mother. From the simple to the complex, we’ll be breaking down our most frequently asked questions into graphics that you can use in your own presentations or blog posts (just be sure to link back here!). 
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