Feeling Blah? Get Your Groove Back with These 3 Tips

Do you really love what you do, yet sometimes still struggle to stay inspired?
This borderline blah feeling can be especially damaging to those of us who rely on inspiration as creative, entrepreneurial fuel.
So if you find yourself lacking motivation, energy or fresh ideas, try this:
Feeling Blah? Get Your Groove Back with These 3 Tips

Review your success

If you have that lackluster feeling, take a mental inventory of your recent successes. Celebrate the work you’ve done and take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments.
High standards and a passion for what you do can cause you to move on too quickly from amazing moments. If you think “What’s next?” more often than you reflect on what just happened, this little bit of self-praise will lift your spirits.
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Build in time to relax, explore and unwind

Something I am trying so hard to be better at is putting time in my schedule to explore my interests. Work and motherhood take up so much of my time, and because I love both, it is easy to get lost in them.
I find that I am a better version of me when I focus on my whole self. Taking time to nurture the little things that often fall in last place, like reading a good book or getting a pedicure, work wonders for me. They allow my overworked brain to shut down and a refreshed me to emerge.
If you feel yourself losing your grip, make rest time as important as your deadlines. Even if you can only fit 15 minutes into your schedule, use it to do the things that make you feel rejuvenated.
Feeling Blah- Get Your Groove Back with These 3 Tips - Cursive Content Marketing

Seek new sources of inspiration and guidance

The work of others can be the most amazing inspiration, even if it is entirely unrelated to your industry or profession. Seek out new sources of content that energize you.
Make it a priority to (mentally or physically) be in the places where you do your best thinking. Some of my freshest perspectives and insights have come while at the gym, driving and mindlessly browsing Target. It’s possible to gather inspiration from people and places without even realizing it.
As kids and young adults, we were constantly told to explore our interests. As adults it can feel like the exploration is over. It shouldn’t be, though. Remember when Green Day sang “If you’re bored then you’re boring”? Don’t let yourself get bored. Instead, choose to be inspired.
How do you stay motivated and energized? We would love to hear your tips in the comments below.

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