Beyond The Basics: Is Your School Creating Quality Content?

Beyond The Basics: Is Your School Creating Quality Content?

Today, I once again have the amazing privilege of meeting with independent school communicators to talk about content marketing and storytelling.

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do — with one of my absolute favorite type of communicators — so I’m sure I’ll be singing loudly and off-key for the entire drive down to Delbarton School, where the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools is hosting its Admissions Event.

As I always do before such a presentation, I spent some time reviewing my slide deck for Inside Content Marketing: Creating & Sharing Your School’s Story. Does it cover everything? Is there anything that can be expanded? And here’s what I found.

The presentation focuses on storytelling, as well as introducing content marketing as a concept. I emphasize how to find your school’s unique story, how to make your audience the center of your story, and how to always, always choose quality over quantity. We look at examples from both the independent school world and beyond, and we do some fun brainstorm activities. It’s always a quick and jam-packed hour and a half.

But because of that time limitation, and because the presentation is designed as an introduction to content marketing, it can’t cover everything. And one area that I don’t dive deep into is something that comes after the concept of content marketing is accepted and adopted. And it has to do with actual content creation.

Namely: What is quality content? And how do you know if your school is creating it?

It’s one thing to say quality over quantity, but it’s another to be able to objectively pinpoint quality content when you are either creating it or play a role in the creation process.

For that reason, I thought it appropriate to share this article I wrote over on the edSocialMedia blog. It’s called How Do You Know If Your School Is Writing Quality Content?How Do You Know If Your School Is Writing Quality Content?

In it, I talk about quality content, and I provide three key features that define quality content online. It’s a quick, simple read, but it will hopefully get you thinking as you begin to create and share your story.

If you’re interested in moving beyond the basics of content marketing and are ready to begin or refine your content creation process, check it out. And if you have more specific questions on how to take your content from fine to fabulous, email me at any time.

As I said, I love this stuff. 


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