Terrified of Writing? 5 Tips For Finding a Frighteningly Good Ghostwriter

how to hire a ghostwriter for content marketing
It’s October, the month of pumpkin-flavored everything, crunchy leaves, chunky sweaters … and, oh yes, Halloween. The holiday where it’s super cool to scare the living daylights out of friends and strangers alike.
It’s almost as if October can’t decide whether it’s completely comfortable and warm, or totally terrifying.

Which is why it reminds me of writing.

For some, the act of writing feels a lot like this …
what writing feels like
For others, it’s more like …
what writing feels like bad
But even if writing terrifies you, it’s not an excuse to hide from it. Content marketing and telling your brand story online are more critical than ever, and to be successful, you have to write. Words. Lots of them.
So what happens if you face your fears, try to write … and hate the results?

Consider hiring a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who can take your thoughts, your ideas, your words and turn them into a thoughtful, engaging piece of content that sounds like it came from you. When using a ghostwriter, you still officially get credit for the work, because you (hopefully) put your own work into the concept and ideas.
Hiring a ghostwriter can make the terrifying process of writing more approachable. (Think, turning Poltergeist into Casper). But you have to know what to look for when choosing the right ghoul for you.
When reviewing a ghostwriter’s work, look for:

  • Versatility. The work of great copywriters does not have the same tone and voice for each client. A flexible, skilled copywriter is able to adopt the personality of the brand or person for which she is writing. Look at writing samples from different industries and client types to determine whether the brand voice or the copywriter’s voice is more prominent.
  • Strategy. You don’t want to partner with a copywriter who simply takes your words and edits them into a final piece. You want someone who aims to understand your overarching content strategy and where her project fits into that strategy.
  • Style. While a good copywriter should be versatile, her style of writing should be something that feels comfortable and authentic to you. Is she formal and academic, or quirky and creative? Your writer’s style should complement your own so that there’s no disconnect in the final product.
  • Channel savvy. Writing blog content is much different than writing traditional marketing content. Make sure you select a copywriter who is experienced in writing for the channel on which your content will be published.
  • Drive. If you’re going to be working closely with your copywriter for an extended period of time, you want that person to feel like an extension of your team. Partner with someone who shows initiative and aims to truly help your company succeed, beyond the short-term project.

Creating content with a ghostwriter can make you feel a little vulnerable – you need to put your thoughts and ideas out there with confidence for someone else to capture their essence. Choose a writer that fits your style and your needs, and you’ll never look at that pen and paper with fear again.
Need help finding a good ghostwriter? Boo! We’re right here to answer any questions you have about our content development services. Just write us a note (or give us a call if you’re too terrified to type).
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  • I like your idea of checking a ghostwriter’s style before you hire them. I would imagine that if you are going to hire someone to write for you it would be important to know their style. I’ve been wanting to write a novel for awhile but I just can’t get started so maybe I should hire a ghostwriter to help me.

    Olivia Nelson - October 18, 2016 at 5:39 pm

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