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School Marketers: It's Time to Write Your School Site. Here's How.

We’ve been talking about school website content a lot lately — and for good reason. Because with strong website content, you can:

  • Reach the right audiences, with the right messages, at the right time.
  • Differentiate your school from the competition by giving visitors reasons to believe in your story.
  • Claim your expertise with confidence.
  • Persuade audiences to take meaningful action, strengthening your entire communications funnel.
  • Make it easier for your website to be found online.
  • Ensure content is updated and optimized – without having to do a major content overhaul every few years.

Your school website is your welcoming committee, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s open when you’re closed. It’s always there, telling your school story to anyone who will listen. 
So it better be telling the RIGHT story. 
But don’t worry: you can make your website content work harder for your marketing, admissions and development teams — without spending tens of thousands of dollars on hiring a copywriter. Strengthening your website story is a completely attainable goal, once you learn how to tackle what can be a massive project. So how do you do it?
School Marketers: It's Time to Write Your School Site. Here's How.

Introducing Write Your School Site, the definitive course on creating top-performing website content that tells your unique school story; attracts more ideal students and families; and boosts inquiries, enrollment and action.

We’ve turned nearly 15 years of website strategy and copywriting experience into the most complete and easy-to-follow system for crafting school website content that converts. 
Write Your School Site includes 9 course modules and a deep library of bonus materials that systemize the website writing process and make it easy for you tell your school story, even if you’re not a writer. 
Website copywriting is a learned skill. And we’re giving you all our skillful secrets in Write Your School Site.
When you enroll, you receive:

  • Immediate and lifetime access to all 9 video lessons
  • 13 bonus checklists, worksheets and templates
  • The Copywriter Concierge package, a limited-time bonus that includes personal review & feedback on one page of website content
  • Forever access to all future materials we add to this course
  • One cost, all inclusive!

Write Your School Site - course for school marketers
We designed this course because we believe you are the best person to tell your school’s story. You know it. You live it. And we want to give you the power to take control of it.
So tell your story. Engage your audiences. Prompt meaningful action.
Click here to learn more about Write Your School Site and to enroll during our special launch period.


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