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Listen to This to Write a Better School Website [#PODCAST]

I love podcasts. In fact, I’m a podcast junkie.
I listen to them at the gym. In the car. While blow-drying my hair. It’s kind of ridiculous.
So you can understand my excitement when I was invited to be on two fantastic school marketing podcasts in one week. And because I love talking about school marketing about as much as I love writing about school marketing, I just had to share my gab-fests here on the blog.
Read on and listen up! You’re about to get some serious website content insight, courtesy of Blackbaud’s K-12 Podcast, Randy Vaughn’s School Marketing Podcast … and me!
Listen to This to Write a Better School Website

The first: Blackbaud K-12’s “What Can You Learn from Your Website in 8 Seconds or Less?”

I had a great time chatting with Blackbaud’s Peter Baron about how to turn your school website into a marketing and admissions machine. Listen to hear us talk about:

  • How the role of the private school website has evolved over the years
  • At what point the front-end site flipped from being “all things to all people” to a focused marketing tool
  • Why it’s critical for a school to find its voice when showing its value online
  • Approaches schools should consider to capture the attention of their site visitors
  • Call-to-action techniques
  • Advice for a school at the early stages of transforming their site into a more focused marketing engine

Yeah, we talked about a lot. And in only 20 minutes! Take a listen.
Listen to This to Write a Better School Website

The second: School Marketing Podcast’s “Is Your Tuition Page Worth Reading?”

Host Randy Vaughn gets in-depth with me as we discuss website tuition pages and what makes them worth the read. We discuss:

  • Whether or not you should include your tuition cost on your website
  • How to make the case that your school is worth the investment
  • 4 tips on how to write a tuition page that’s both compelling and straightforward

Listen to what we have to say — and let me know if you agree!
Thanks to both Peter and Randy for getting nerdy with me, and talking to me about my favorite thing: creating and sharing awesome stories.
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