How Do I Create a School Blog Vision Statement … & Why Should I Bother?

How Do I Create a School Blog Vision Statement

If you have a school blog, do me a favor. Open it in another window, and take a good long look at the main page.

Now, simply by looking at it, answer this: What is your school blog’s benefit to the reader? Or, more broadly, what is your school blog about?  

I’ll give you a minute…
… and, time.

So how did you respond?

I’m guessing that for many of you, this isn’t an exercise you can complete in a minute. Sure, you can talk about the type of content you post on your blog, or the blog’s categories, or some of the stories you’ve published … but your school blog’s benefit to the reader? That’s where things can get a little tough to define.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, it’s probably because your school blog lacks a school blog vision statement. And if you’re hoping your school blog will work for you as a content marketing tool, that’s a problem.

How Do I Create a School Blog Vision Statement

What is a blog vision statement?

A blog vision statement is one compelling statement of worth — the unique perspective that sets your blog apart from the millions of other blogs out there on the internet.

Your blog vision statement doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to be clear and specific. It needs to let readers know whom you’re creating content for, what authority you have to create content in that space, and what readers can expect to get from following or subscribing.

Your blog vision statement also needs to be one more thing: TRUE. 

It may seem obvious, but you can’t create a blog vision statement that makes a promise to readers that it doesn’t fulfill.

For example, if you say your school blog is all about giving students tips and resources that will help them during the college application process, and instead you simply post about the latest news and happenings at your school, you’re going to quickly lose reader trust — and eyeballs.

What does a good school blog vision statement look like?

My friends over at The Quaker School at Horsham do a good job at positioning their school blog because they’ve really focused in on their specialty: helping children with complex challenges become confident learners. 

Their blog, Shine Together, has the following vision:

Shine Together is here to help families of children with complex challenges enjoy everyday moments together. From family vacations to birthday parties to important family milestones, we will give you practical and fun ideas to help you overcome daily challenges and appreciate life’s shining moments.

Within that brief statement, they successfully:

  1. Identify their audience (“families of children with complex challenges”)
  2. Explain what to expect (“we will give you practical and fun ideas to help you overcome daily challenges…”)
  3. Tell what’s in it for them (“help you enjoy everyday moments together”)

Which reminds me…

A school blog works as a marketing tool for The Quaker School because they are using it to educate their readers in order to be seen as a trusted resource.

Remember: your blog should not just be a repository for news information. It needs to offer valuable content to your audience to help them with the specific problems or challenges you know they face. You are blogging to help them, not to promote yourself.

So, does your school blog have a vision?

Right now, if someone went to your school blog, would they be able to tell you what it’s all about, and why they should be reading it regularly? Would your readers know how to explain the benefit they receive from your content?

A school blog vision statement is extremely powerful because not only does it inform your readers, but it also informs your content. It keeps you on track as you develop new stories, and it keeps you motivated to serve a larger goal.

It’s time to give your school blog the vision it needs to succeed — and we’re here to help.

We developed a free Blog Vision Worksheet (find it in our Resources section) that takes you through the simple steps of crafting a compelling school blog vision statement. By answering four questions about your content, and plugging those answers into a versatile equation, you can create a guidepost for your future stories.

So go ahead, create your own school blog vision statement — and share it with us! Leave it in the comments below with a link back to your blog, or email it to us and we’d be happy to provide you with our thoughts and feedback. Good luck!

How Do I Create a School Blog Vision Statement ... & Why Should I Bother?

Set your blog apart with our FREE Blog Vision Worksheet.
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