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Get Rid of Those Website Problem Areas — Today

We all have them. Those annoying areas of our website that bother us every time we notice them (read: constantly).
And then…we don’t do anything about them.
That needs to change. And it can — now — without a costly, time-consuming overhaul. Make a few copy adjustments today and you can turn your website into something worth flaunting tomorrow.
Get Rid of Those Website Problem Areas - Today

Website Problem Area #1: Home Page

The issue: Overcrowded and far too complex, your home page doesn’t tell your company’s story. Or much of a story at all, for that matter.
Why this is a problem: You’re losing visitors. Fast.
How to fix it: Your home page needs a revamp. Refresh the copy to reflect your story and intrigue readers to dig deeper. Keep it simple, engaging and uniquely you.
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Website Problem Area #2: About page

The issue: Verbose and indirect, your About page reads more like an egocentric list of accomplishments than an accurate representation of who you are and what you do.
Why this is a problem: People are coming to this page to find out about you, and you aren’t telling them anything they want to know.
How to fix it: View this page from an outside perspective. What is most important thing to communicate? What do people want to know? Visitors should leave this page with a clear understanding of who you are—and they should want to stay connected with you, so give them a way to do that.
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Get Rid of Those Website Problem Areas - Today - Cursive Content Marketing

Website Problem Area #3: News page

The issue: You simply dump your press releases onto the page, creating a long list of “news” that often really isn’t very notable. To make matters worse, every press release is a PDF.
Why this is a problem: Chances are, you have the beginnings to some good stories there, but its self-centered perspective means it’s just not that interesting. The fact that everything is a PDF makes getting the reader’s attention doubly hard (and is a wasted opportunity to gain SEO benefit from the content).
How to fix it: First, consider what is actually newsworthy and how you determine what needs a press release. If you limit this to information that’s truly notable, you will set a precedent that your company’s news is worth reading.
You can address the issue of a PDF-filled page by adding an introduction paragraph to each one that will entice the visitor to read the full story. Then, leverage each news item— can you repurpose the topic into a blog post or another piece of content?
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Need a little more guidance before you address those issues? Jargon Rehab will help you craft the big, bold, jargon-free story that your website needs and your audience wants to hear.


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