Content Marketing To-Do: What To Read, Watch, Listen To & Do This Week [2.25.16]

Oh, my friends, this is the theme of this week in so many ways. With snow days and sick days and vacation days polka-dotting my February calendar, I’m ready to get everything MOVING again. Back to the gym, back to my business strategy — and back to working with my fabulous content-marketer-in-crime Stacy, who is back from maternity leave (baby = the CUTEST, by the way).
So with motion and action and LET’S-DO-THE-DAMN-THANG in mind, here’s what I’m reading, watching, listening to and doing this week.
Content Marketing To-Do: What To Read, Watch, Listen To & Do This Week [2.25.16]

To Read: Imagining Your Future Projects is Holding You Back.

Pinning. This. To. My. Wall. So here’s the thing: the curse of knowledge is real. As marketers and entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time online, we’re bombarded with information. We see so many different tactics working fantastically for so many different people — and it gets our gears spinning.
Hey, I could do that too! I just need to sit down and create a [podcast/book/YouTube channel/blog/magazine/insert-dream-project-here] and everyone will look at ME with awe and amazement.
This post provides a much-needed dose of reality. In it, Jessica Abel talks about “Idea Debt” — a term she got from Kazu Kibuishi. She defines it like this:

“Idea Debt is when you spend too much time picturing what a project is going to be like, too much time thinking about how awesome it will be to have this thing done and in the world, too much time imagining how cool you will look, how in demand you’ll be, how much money you’ll make. And way too little time actually making the thing.

Her article helps you recognize your own Idea Debt and how to let it go or get it going. Great, great read.

To Watch: How I Use Trello To Run My Business & Team

I need to be better organized. And this video totally sold me on Trello, a “free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.”
In this quick training, Boss Mom podcaster Dana Malstaff walks viewers through Trello and how she uses it to organize everything from her business strategy to her editorial calendar to her grocery list. If you’re ready to get sh!t done but need help doing it, check out this powerful platform (which I’m sure we’ll also be blogging about in the future once we have it up and running).
Content Marketing To-Do: What To Read, Watch, Listen To & Do This Week [2.25.16]

To Listen To: Invisible Office Hours — Launching

Serial entrepreneurs Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis talk all things launching in this podcast episode. They frame the conversation by giving behind-the-scenes information about how they put together their successful podcast, as well as some of their past business launches.
They’re funny and real and completely candid, and they provide some really tactical information that I can’t wait to add to my Idea Debt put to work today. 🙂

To Do: 20 Best Productivity Tips for Small Businesses

This is a more recent Cursive article, and it’s so timely for me. It’s an aggregation of some of the best productivity tips ever, from some really great, motivational sources. If you’re now convinced you need to just do it, you may want to start here to find the inspiration you need.
Have suggestions for what we should read, watch, listen to, or do next week? Email us and share your thoughts! Or, add your suggestions to the comments below.  

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