The Storytelling Effect: Content Marketing's Real Impact

the storytelling effect content marketing impacts emotionally and factually2
The best way to create a meaningful relationship with your audiences is to appeal to them on both rational and emotional levels.
Content marketing is pretty rad because it helps you do both: It builds an authentic bond with your audiences, and it gets them to take specific action.

It’s the storytelling effect. And it’s changing the way consumers interact with brands.

The above graphic demonstrates the real facts behind content marketing’s emotional and factual appeal.
Want to learn more about creating a story that gets you both emotional and rational results? Check out these resources:

The Case for Content series is designed to give you the ammunition you need to make the case for content marketing to your boss, your team … heck, even your mother. From the simple to the complex, we’ll be breaking down our most frequently asked questions into graphics that you can use in your own presentations or blog posts (just be sure to link back here!). 
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  • Love your short but straightforward article! Will use it as reference for my storytelling workshop 🙂

    Adriana - September 7, 2018 at 5:44 am

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