The case for content, part 1: Content marketing vs. traditional campaigns

The Case For Content, Part 1: Content Marketing vs Traditional Campaigns
Many marketers who have recognized the undeniable benefits of content marketing are now faced with the often difficult task of convincing their bosses, their Board, or simply their marketing team that committing to a long-term content marketing strategy is critical.
This series of posts will help the cause by providing straightforward facts, statistics and examples that you can use to start this oh-so-important conversation with any content naysayer.
To start, what is content marketing? 
Content marketing is creating original content or sharing existing content that will benefit your audience; developing an appealing hub for your content in the form of a blog, news section on your website, etc.; and then using smart marketing strategies to get your audience to engage with your content and take specific action.
Smart content marketing can increase:
• Brand loyalty
• Social engagement
• Search rankings
• Site traffic
• Public and key influencer trust
• Position as thought leader
• Client satisfaction
• Organizational buy-in
• Conversion rates
Content marketing is different than a traditional marketing campaign in that it’s not a campaign – it’s an ongoing initiative that evolves over time, constantly being adjusted to meet new goals based on metrics and measurement.

Content marketing
Traditional marketing campaign
It’s a continuum: You own your content and can repurpose it to continuously attract and engage audiences.
It’s a campaign: When it’s over, it’s over.
You earn your audience – and therefore own your audience.
You “rent” someone else’s audience and pay to have your message delivered.
Strategies are modified based on real-time metrics. It’s easier to test and refine tactics.
Campaigns can be high risk; they are measured at the end of the program and subsequent campaigns are modified.
ROI can be realized within weeks.
ROI is often difficult to quantify.
It will form the foundation of all digital marketing moving forward.
It requires more cost and creative to cross marketing channels.
It creates a shared experience.
It’s usually a one-sided push of information.
Why is it successful?
Because it’s authentic. When content marketing is done correctly, it’s interesting, informative, entertaining … and a sales tool. It forms real and trusted relationships with your brand by lowering the advertising curtain and allowing the true brand voice to speak for itself.
There’s the basics to introduce the topic. Next week, we’ll get into the numbers. In the meantime, let me know of any tips or tactics you’ve used to make the case for content.  
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