Market to Millennials: Optimistic, Entrepreneurial, Purpose-Driven PARENTS

Remember when “those darn Millennials” were the kids with the technology and the overly-attached parents?

Well nowadays, those darn Millennials are PARENTS, with the technology and the still-overly-attached parents. And they are shopping for schools.

Millennials are the generation born between 1981-1996. Which means the oldest are now around 34. Many are already saving for their kids’ college, or they’re searching for the best independent schools. And so it’s critically important that school marketers keep up with this demographic.

Don’t worry, Forbes has done some of the homework for you.

The publication recently surveyed nearly 500 millennials — all nominees for its 30 Under 30 list — and it found that this group of motivated individuals is optimistic, entrepreneurial and purpose-driven.

Some of the most interesting findings?

  • They love Facebook. 43% named it as the social network they use the most.
  • They dream. American Dream, that is. 80% believe in it.
  • They make a difference. 66% are involved in a charity or social cause.
  • They value quality. (Prestige, not as much.) 42% said the most important thing they look for in a brand is high-quality. Only 2% named prestige as the most important.
  • They are big-time optimistic. As in, a whopping 97% are optimistic about the future.

AdWeek took it one step further and developed a nifty Infographic to sum up the research, so check it out.

How is your school marketing connecting with Millennials? Where do you see the biggest disconnect? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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