How Slacking Off Can Help Your Content Marketing

How Slacking Off Can Help Your Content Marketing
Content marketing is powerful. But, like most things, you get out of it what you put into it. You have to be committed.
Your successful blog requires a regular posting schedule. Your quarterly video series, well, it needs to come out each quarter. And then there’s that infographic you’ve been working on. Your email campaign, enewsletter, and ebook. So many e’s. With all of this comes a regular stream of creative content ideas and solid writing to support those ideas.
Even if you love it and thrive on the constant flow of ideas and possibilities, like we do, you’re going to reach a point where you’ve pulled everything you can from that well of creativity inside you.
We’re here to let you know: it’s ok.
In fact, taking a break from content—and from marketing altogether—might be just what you need. Studies show that taking a break from a problem actually make it easier to solve when you return to it later. So what you might have considered “slacking off” could actually do wonders for both your productivity and creativity.
If you’re stuck in a slump, here’s 5 things you can do that can help get your content-writing, story-telling creative mojo back:

Read a book.

Make it a bestseller or a trashy romance novel, we won’t judge. Just don’t make it a marketing book—we’re taking a break, remember? Whatever you read, there’s something to be learned from the way every author uses words to hold (or lose) your interest throughout the story.

Go to a movie.

In a couple of hours, you’ll experience the full arc of story—hopefully one well-told. Focus on what made it compelling.

Listen to music.

Musicians are storytellers, without a doubt. With Pandora or Spotify, you can start by listening to artists or genres of music you love, then explore similar music. This way, you can hear a good mix of your favorites and new stuff you might fall in love with. Pay attention to the lyrics and how the songwriter elicits emotion. Is there a way to bring some of what you love about your favorite music into the way you write?

Channel surf.

Watch what you love, or check out something new. We’ve been inspired while watching Bravo TV with a glass of wine in hand, and even while watching Sesame Street with a toddler.

Hit up Broadway.

Ok, so you don’t have to make the trip to NYC for this one. Catch a show at your local theatre. There’s inspiration to be found in all of the elements used to tell the story—lighting, backdrops, actors, music and, of course, the script.
New experiences bring new perspectives…and new ideas. So don’t be afraid to take a few hours to do something creatively different. It just might lead to your next big “aha!” moment.

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