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5 Quick Tips for Crafting a Professional Blog Post

5 Quick Tips for Crafting a Professional Blog Post
Since anyone with an internet connection and a fundamental understanding of WordPress can become a blogger, it’s easy to view blogging as an informal channel.
In fact, it’s far from informal. In order to develop a successful company blog, you need to approach it with the same dedication, resources and commitment you do every other element of your marketing mix.
If you want to be taken seriously—and make a serious impact—here’s what you need to do:

Write for your audience.

Your blog will never gain any traction if you don’t know who you’re writing for, and if you don’t create content that they want to read. Sounds simple, but we spend so much time talking to clients about this part of blogging that it bears repeating. Your audience doesn’t care what your agenda is, what your CEO wants you to write about or the product you want to sell more of. What they care about most is themselves—and that’s what you should care most about, too.
Struggling with this? Read more:

Focus on outstanding content.

From an eye-catching image to a well-written call-to-action, each element of your blog post should be careful considered. Throwing words on a page won’t cut it in a world where 61.6 million posts are published each month on WordPress alone. The competition is huge; attention spans are short. Your blog post needs to be worth noticing.
Want to make it happen? Read up on some of our favorite tips:

Hire or outsource a professional writer.

Just as you would hire a graphic designer to design your blog and a programmer to code it, you will get better results when you work with a professional writer to develop your copy. If no one on your team calls writing one of their strengths, outsource. After all, your blog is in competition with other blogs and websites written by the pros.
Not sure how to work with a freelancer? Read up:

Say it with me now: SEO.

If you want your blog to play in the big leagues, you should know where the playing field is. Develop keywords associated with your blog topic and weave them in to each post to help your audience find you. Researching industry keywords can be a great way to spark ideas for future blog posts. Your page names and descriptions can also nudge you up in the rankings, so don’t overlook them either.
Need a little more insight? We’ve got you covered:

Close with a call-to-action.

Want your audience to take action? Direct them. End your post by inviting the reader to learn more about the topic or to stay connected with you. Further engagement can begin to develop a relationship that is beneficial to your audience and to your business.
Want help writing a great CTA? We thought you’d never ask!:

When you take a professional approach to blogging, your company blog, and every post you write for it, can be a sales tool and a way to connect with customers. But you need more than an internet connection to make it happen.
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