5 Fast, Easy Content Curation Ideas for School Blogs

5 Fast, Easy Content Curation Ideas for School Blogs

You know the feeling: you finally hit “publish” on a blog post that’s taken you too much time and too many resources, only to sigh and think, “Now what am I going to write about for the NEXT one?!”

We’re here to help. When your editorial calendar is feeling sparse, or when you’re simply not inspired by the topics you initially planned, let existing content do the work for you.

Content curation, as defined by Beth Kanter, is “the process of sorting through vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.” (We talk all about the art of content curation here, and how to write an awesome curated blog post here.)

But here’s the thing: content curation does not only apply to content you find externally, on the web.

 You can also curate content that currently exists within your school walls. And you probably have more of it than you think. Here are five places you can find amazing content for your blog, without leaving the building.

#1: FAQs

Do you have a Frequently Asked Questions page somewhere, anywhere, that you give out to current or prospective families? Dig that up now, because each question and answer can be its own individual blog post. Don’t have an FAQ handy? Send out an email to anyone in a family- or student-facing position (which, is probably everyone), and ask them to each submit the last two questions they were asked, and how they answered. Voila! Curated, helpful blog topics.

#2: Old Newsletters

Look back at your old printed or email newsletters, and search for evergreen content (or, content that stays relevant over time). Perhaps you mentioned a new program or theory, or you gave tips to parents on how to help their children learn math, or you offered an awesome summer reading list. These types of helpful tips and resources can make fantastic blog posts.

#3: Presentations or Speeches

My daughter’s school has a Parent Education night, where parents can go in and learn the ways students are taught math, reading, etc., so we can help with homework. Does your school host events like this? If so, you can turn that presentation content into blog posts or, even better, on-demand webinars for parents. Over time, you’ll be building a reference library that is really helpful for parents who can’t attend these types of events in person.

#4: Outdated Brochures

Just because a brochure is retired doesn’t mean it’s content is completely irrelevant. Browse through old brochures to see if headlines or themes spark new ideas. You can most likely pull paragraphs of content or testimonials as well. Or, you can use a significantly old brochure to help you create a “then-and-now” post, showcasing how much has changed on campus. Take a walk down memory lane and be open to the possibilities.

#5: Marketing Research

If you’ve done any marketing research, or created a new brand platform, or conducted focus groups, revisit the findings. The reports themselves may have content you can pull from and use as the base of a blog post, or it can simply remind you of your school’s differentiating factors.

Those are five easy places to start your content curation adventures — but need more blog topics ideas? Sign up to access our FREE Resource Library.


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