10 Questions to Help Conquer School Marketing FOMO

10 Questions to Help Conquer School Marketing FOMO

Do you (or your team members) suffer from school marketing FOMO – an overwhelming Fear-Of-Missing-Out on the latest and greatest social networks, marketing trends, advertising tactics, SEO techniques?

It happens to the best of us. As marketers, when we come across something new and exciting that seems to provide a measure of value, it’s a knee-jerk reaction to jump in. “Early adaptor” is a phrase many claim with pride … and often a smidge of arrogance.

But, why? Being one of the first to sign up for social-network-of-the-day is not a bragging right if the time it takes to properly engage with that network doesn’t enhance your overall strategy.

So before you start setting up that new school profile or listening to that new platform sales pitch, here are 10 questions to ask yourself to determine if you really need “Tactic X” – or if it’s just a raging case of school marketing FOMO …

Avoid school marketing FOMO. Ask yourself:

#1: Why is this appealing to me?

Something about Tactic X effectively captured your attention. Was it the promise of attracting new dream families? Saving you time and energy? Streamlining the admissions process? Determine what interested you, and you’re pinpointing a weakness in your current strategy.

#2: Is this the best option?

Now that you’ve defined why you might need Tactic X, it’s time to determine the best way to fix the problem. Is there a tool you already have that you could be using more effectively? Is there another solution that offers a broader scope of services? Do your homework.

#3: Am I tactic hopping?

Do you currently jump from tactic to tactic, abandoning them at will when something new comes along? Are you inactive or ineffective on any of the networks or tools that you know are important to your overall strategy? Then, by all means, step away from Tactic X and go tend to Tactics A, B and C.

#4: Where does this fit in my overall strategy?

Don’t try to wedge Tactic X into your current strategy just because your team member emails you a link to it with the message: “We should be on this.” Make sure its promise aligns with your marketing goals and objectives.

#5: What results do I want from this?

Write down results you’d want achieve by using Tactic X – and be specific. If Tactic X is going to be receiving your time or your money, it better work for it. Do the results you desire seem realistic? One way to know is…

#6: Are there current success stories that relate to my need?

What other schools are using Tactic X with success? Are they using the tactic the same way you would? Just because a big-name school uses Tactic X doesn’t mean it’s right for you if your marketing goals are completely different.

#7: Do I need to make a decision today?

Is there any pressing reason for joining/buying Tactic X now? Could you take some time to monitor the results of the tactic and learn from others’ successes and failures? Weigh the negatives and positives of waiting to engage.

#8: Do I have the resources to use this effectively?

If you’re a marketing department of one, or you have a small team that already feels burdened with its amount of work, there should be compelling evidence of success before you join Tactic X.

#9: Will it make my job easier or harder?

Tactic X may add to the work of your team, but if it provides amazing analytics and reports, and consolidates some of your marketing tasks, it may be worth it. Short-term stress may result in long-term savings.

#10: Is it worth my time to take a chance?

Hey, if you want to be the next big “early adaptor,” go ahead. But you have to decide what your time is worth. It will take time and energy to explore Tactic X, and it will take you away from Tactics A, B and C. And tomorrow, Tactics Y and Z might seem (OMG!) amazing.

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