You Wrote a School Blog Post— Now What?

You Wrote a School Blog Post— Now What?

What happens when you publish a blog post?

It would be great if hitting publish meant the post would go viral, reach every member of your target audience, and get shared for years to come.

The reality is, what happens when you hit publish is… it’s published. There’s no guarantee anyone will read it. You still have work to do.

Take a minute to enjoy the fact that your blog post is live. After your celebration dance is over, here’s your to-do list:

Share it on repeat.

Every blog post should be shared across all your social media channels, and this becomes much simpler when you create a standard workflow for social sharing after each blog post. Create a short checklist that you can use each week to ensure you’re on track and not missing a step.

Quick tips:

  • Draft 2-4 different versions of copy you will use to share on social—you can often pull straight from the post and make just a few tweaks.
  • Use a social media scheduling tool
  • If the blog post is evergreen, schedule shares now and months into the future. This will make the scheduling process simpler in the future, and will help you leverage each blog post.
  • Make it part of your routine to look at the most popular posts from the prior week, and reschedule those posts for future dates.

Draft an email

As much as people love your blog, they probably aren’t sitting at their computers, clicking refresh to see when your latest post is up. You have to remind them. Social media is wonderful, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might miss your social posts—algorithms and their own busy schedules being top of the list.
That’s why email is so important. Your email list consists of people who have ASKED you to reach out to them. They WANT to know what you have to say. So use email to share your blog content.

Quick tips:

Create a standard way you share blog content via email. This might mean you…

  • Round up blog posts in a weekly or monthly email
  • Write a new email that relates to the blog post topic, and link to the post
  • Add a blurb about the blog post to other relevant existing newsletters and emails
  • Keep faculty and staff in the loop—consider a weekly or monthly email that shares blog content specifically with them so they know what’s going on but don’t feel overwhelmed by communications that aren’t relevant.

You Wrote a School Blog Post— Now What?

Squeeze out each bit of potential

You just wrote something epic. Don’t let your amazing idea and skillful writing stop there. Leverage that blog post to create even more content.
You don’t always have to start with a blank page. Your most brilliant blog posts are often a perfect starting point.

Quick tips:

  • Keep an ideas file. After you finish a blog post, record any spin-off ideas you might have had while writing the post. How can you use these ideas?
  • Consider if you can expand on the topic by turning it into a series, or creating an ebook or guide. Look back at old blog posts to see if you already have any that you can use.
  • Give it a few weeks, then look at the analytics. Was this topic popular? Let the numbers guide the content you create next.

Hitting publish is a milestone, not the finish line. When you create a process for sharing and maximizing your efforts, each post becomes more powerful.

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You Wrote a School Blog Post— Now What?
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