The People You Need to Create the Ultimate Content Brainstorming Team

The People You Need to Create the Ultimate Content Brainstorming Team

Sometimes, the great ideas just flow. Other times, you really have to work for them.

When it’s your job to have ideas for new content often, the struggle that happens when the ideas aren’t flowing becomes more than just frustrating…it’s paralyzing.

You can’t control when your muse comes to visit but you can control the ways in which you go after ideas. You can even save up a long list of them so you always feel prepared.

Even better: you don’t need to come up with the ideas at all, if you build your content brainstorming dream team.


The People You Need to Create the Ultimate Content Brainstorming Team

Campus is filled with students, faculty and staff who have unique, insightful and intelligent perspectives on everything about your school. You can tap their minds for content ideas that you might never have thought of.

You can bring them together as one big panel, or meet with smaller groups. Either way, here are the people you should consider for your team.

Students from each grade level

As young and savvy as you consider yourself to be, you still won’t quite grasp what goes on in the mind of students—only another student can do that. Bring students on the team to give them a voice and to better understand your target audience.
No one remembers what it was like to select a school quite like the new student. No one can reflect on what your school offers quite like the nostalgic senior. Dig in to the unique perspectives that each student’s unique situation provides.

Admissions staff

These people are the eyes and ears into the prospective student population. They can help remind you of what’s important to the audience you’re trying to attract, and can give you insight into what connects with that audience out in the world of college fairs and admissions interviews.

Academic chairs

The faculty members who lead up each department know what’s changing and who’s doing something new and exciting. They know their department better than anyone else, and can help you find creative ways to feature its amazing offerings.

Student activities staff

These are the people who are connected to what students really think, how they’re spending their time, and who they are outside of being a student.

They can give incredible insight into the fun, light-hearted and upbeat articles as well as the deeper issues-based articles that reflect the spectrum of student interests.

Special programs faculty

Unique offerings are a huge differentiator, so bring in the people that are in charge of your special programs (such as study abroad, internship or writing programs).

Extracurricular advisors and coaches

Your students have many talents, and perhaps the people who know them best are the people who guide them to strengthen those talents. Invite club advisors and sports team coaches to your brainstorming sessions.

Students whose majors align with your needs

If you’re trying to brainstorm content for your school blog, tap into the journalism and photography clubs. You can get more than just great ideas— you might be able to create a panel of student contributors.

Student leaders

On-campus students who head up clubs, sports teams, student government, and any other niche student groups on campus are a brilliant resource of ideas. They’re typically go-getters, so tap into their genius in other ways by encouraging them to become a guest author on the blog, perhaps.

As marketers, it’s easy to sit at our desk, head down, mind wandering, trying to cause ideas to ignite. It doesn’t always happen that way, though— but with a content dream team like this one, you no longer have to worry.

Speaking of content dream team—we’d love to be a part of yours. Check out how we can help you take your content to the next level.

The People You Need to Create the Ultimate Content Brainstorming Team
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