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School Communicators: Let’s Talk About That Website Content…

Hi, school friends. It’s time to talk about something you may be trying to ignore.
You know, that big, huge behemoth in the room online. The one that’s just too massive to control.
Your website content.
School Communicators Let’s Talk About That Website Content
First off: don’t feel guilty about overlooking it. Because everyone does. But here’s the secret:

The schools that don’t ignore it have a huge advantage.

Your website content is the most important part of your school’s online presence.
Because if it’s not convincing – if it doesn’t truly speak for your school, or make prospective students and parents pick up the phone today, or consistently grow your database with the right people – then your audience is gone.
So why do most schools put a lot of time and resources into designing and structuring a website, only to fill it with outdated or inwardly-focused content?

You tell us.

What has been keeping you from telling your best story online? Is the project too overwhelming to tackle? Are there too many people giving input? Is the budget the biggest concern?
We want to know so we can continue to provide you with content that helps you create and share stories your audiences love. So…

What are the biggest challenges you face when writing or editing your school’s website content?

Fill out my online form.
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Thanks so much for sharing your input with us.
We promise to use it to create future articles that will help you tell your story online.
If you want to talk to us directly about a specific question or concern, that’s awesome too. Let’s talk about your school website here.


Tell us what you think, or ask us any questions. We’re here to help!

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