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Why Every Day is Groundhog Day for Content Marketers

Why every day is Groundhog Day for content marketers
Remember how it was for Bill Murray, star of 1993’s hit movie Groundhog Day? He just kept on repeating the same day over and over and over again.
In the world of content marketing, every day can be like Groundhog Day—in a good way. Because as content marketers, we should be embracing the idea of reliving our content, in a slightly different way, over and over and over again.
Do you still need to develop new content? Absolutely. Can you freshen up and reformat your existing content to give it new life? Please do. Here’s 12 tips for creating content déjà vu:

  • Turn a blog post or presentation into a SlideShare
  • Take an eBook or white paper and break them down into a blog post series
  • Refresh outdated content and republish using “Updated” or “2014 Edition”
  • Promote your most popular blog posts in a new blog post highlighting the most popular posts of the month or year
  • Take the most popular videos from your YouTube library and write a synopsis of them; post on your blog or share in an enewsletter along with a link to the video
  • Have a piece of content with lots of stats? Develop a corresponding infographic.
  • Share some brief thoughts or questions from your most popular content via your social media channels
  • Turn a popular piece of content into a podcast
  • Use an existing presentation or SlideShare as the basis for an educational seminar or webinar your company can provide to clients and prospects
  • Have a few articles on a topic? Combine them into an eBook.
  • Turn an existing blog post that includes a numbered list into a series of blog posts that dive deeper into each list item
  • Tweak existing content so it speaks to a different buyer persona

Allowing your existing content to do double (or even triple) duty for you is smart content marketing. But if you’re like poor Bill Murray and the thought of reliving it makes you want to scream, that’s a good sign that your content—and your content marketing strategy— can probably use an overhaul.
Share your most successful and creative ways of content repurposing in the comments below!


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