Why Content Marketing? 14 “Becauses” to Silence the Skeptics

Why Content Marketing? 14 “Becauses” to Silence the Skeptics
“Why do you wear makeup?” “Because without it, Mommy looks like a zombie.”
“Why do you look like a zombie?” “Because you keep me up all night.”
“Why do I keep you up all night?” “Because you’re four.”
“Why am I four?” “Because you were born four years ago.”
“What’s a zombie?”
My kids ask me questions all day long. So I’ve gotten pretty quick with my “becauses” – or, reasons why something just is what it is.
Why do kids ask so many questions? Because they’re curious. The world is an amazing mystery, and there’s so much to learn. So what seems like a simple (incessant) “why” question is actually a great opportunity for learning and discovery.
This “why/because” way of learning does not have to stop at pre-school. It’s a great way to explore an idea you don’t fully understand or learn about a complex topic … for example, content marketing.
When you first start to learn about content marketing, you have a lot of questions. When you’re used to traditional marketing tactics, focusing on content and audience building can seem like a new world.

So what should you do? Ask questions.

And since I’ve had lots of practice honing my “why/because” skills, I’d like to use these superpowers for good.

Here is a “because” for every content marketing “why”:

Why content marketing?

  • Because creating and sharing smart, engaging content will help you build a better connection with your audience.

Why do I want a better connection with my audience? 

  • Because you want your audience to trust you.

Why do I want my audience to trust me?

  • Because they will see you as a resource and an ally – someone who is committed to making their lives easier and experiences better. Someone who puts their needs before your sale.

Why do I want them to see me as a resource?

  • Because they will be more open to hearing your messages — all your messages. Your content will not be seen as self-serving and promotional, unlike traditional marketing and advertising.

Why do I want them to be more open to hearing my message?

  • Because then you can market to them directly when you have an offer that’s appropriate for their needs, or when they are ready to make a purchase.

Why do I want to market to them directly?

  • Because, this way, you own your audience (rather than borrowing the audience of a media outlet or social network). Your audience becomes a group of individuals who you know something about, and who you know are interested in your message.

Why do I want to build these types of relationships?

  • Because it helps with lead generation. It weeds out the bad contacts and attracts the individuals who show real interest and may actually purchase from you. You can then track what types of content these individuals are interested in and target your messaging appropriately.

Why do I want to target my content to individuals? 

  • Because if you can provide information that helps your audience with their immediate wants, needs and challenges, you can help them move forward in their decision-making process – and ultimately, closer to a sale. 

Why do I need to provide information that helps them move them forward?

  • Because if you are providing answers to their questions, you have a better chance of appearing in their online search — and appealing to their interests, increasing the likelihood that they will read your content. 

Why is it important to rank better in search?

  • [Duh. But ok.] Because you want potential buyers to find you — and choose YOU. Because the average buyer completes 57% of their buying process before ever contacting a salesperson. (Source: Corporate Execute Board)

Why is the buying process transforming?

  • Because that’s the world we’re living in today. Traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective, while targeted, individualized content is what breaks through the clutter.

Why is traditional marketing becoming less effective?

  • Because the audience is in control. Your marketing and advertising messages are not only competing with your competitors’ messages, but also with your coworker’s vacation pictures and the latest viral video on Facebook. So if you want to compete, you have to focus on audience needs and quality content.

Why do I need to focus on audience needs and quality content? 

  • Because investing in your content marketing is a way to invest in your audience. Because you will never regret creating smart, thoughtful content. And you can’t say the same thing about that “viral” video or that snarky billboard. 
  • And because I said so. So go eat your dinner.

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