7 Ways to Make a Big Splash with Drip Email Campaigns

7 Ways to Make a Big Splash with Drip Email Campaigns
Drip… Drip… Drip.
In most cases, drips are annoying (think: leaky kitchen faucet). But if you are a marketer who is using drip email campaigns, you better ensure your drips are the opposite.
In order to do that, you need to think about your prospect, customer and the information they want and need.

What are drip email campaigns?

First, let’s define “drip email campaign”:
A drip email campaign is a series of automated emails sent over a period of time, for the purpose of attracting or retaining customers.
In order to create a drip email campaign, you need some type of email marketing service, such as HubSpot or Pardot. This will allow you to automate emails and even define the actions that get users added to a drip email list.
Drip emails are most often associated with marketing to prospects, but you should also consider your existing customers when you set up drip campaigns. Customer retention is an equally important (and profitable) focus.

Seven ideas for successful drip email campaigns:

  • Follow up on recent purchases/services by sharing tips, answering questions and providing relevant contact information in case the customer has additional questions.
  • Provide product/service information that can help move prospects along the sales funnel.
  • Countdown to an event, providing helpful information and links to resources.
  • Remind them of something they have to do, like renew a membership, extend a warranty or use a coupon.
  • Provide additional information on a topic they’ve shown interest in.
  • Help them prepare for something. For accountants, this might mean a slow, steady reminder of an upcoming tax season. Schools can provide helpful back-to-school reminders for parents, students and even teachers.
  • Send appointment notifications and reminders.

Focus on your customers and prospects—not your own agenda—with every drip campaign, and you will find a hands-off way to keep them happy. Not an annoying drip in sight.
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